• Live appearance on NHK general television jazz live KOBE.
  • Appeared on NHK general TV “Ask this person”.
  • The biannual magazine “Jazz Criticism” sponsored “The 6th Jazz Audio Disc Award 2011”
  • CD album “Michi” won the special award.

In addition, he is in charge of accompaniment and composition of recitation, and has gained a reputation for numerous lectures.

  • Osaka College of Music Junior College instrumental music major in guitar After graduating in 2007, 2008 Osaka College of Music Junior College Graduate School of instrumental music major in guitar Department of completion, the 32nd Japan Guitar Competition university students of part # 3 (Bronze)
  • 14th Sanin Guitar Competition General Section Winner
    , Finger Picking Day 2014 West Japan Tournament Grand Prize, National Tournament Grand Prize, Original Arrangement Award
  • 2015 American Walnut Valley Festival 44th International finger style guitar championship top5 Winner
  • 2016 Tarumi Ward 70 Playing the opening performance of the anniversary ceremony
  • Received the 2016 Soroptimist Kobe Dream Award

Momo Kimura

Kimura Momo. Born in Kobe in 1986.

There is no resistance to the music itself because my parents’ house is doing music classes, and I was longing for the pianist father to stand on stage from my childhood.

When I went to an ASKA (CHAGE & ASKA) solo live at the age of 12, I was moved by how the back musician guitarist performed despite the high temperature of 40 degrees, and I became aspiring to be a guitarist.

After that, my father gave me a task “I will play the guitar if I can play the C, F, G, and D chords within an hour.”

He studied under Seiji Takano and Keigo Fujii, and has been playing the guitar ever since.

“I want to be a musician even if I’m reborn.”¬†

When I play the guitar, I just think of “delivery.”
For me, who wants to convey the feeling of “I want you to feel a little more relaxed and feel better,” songwriting is fun and enjoyable.

When a shock occurs in real life, when the heart shakes, songs are naturally created. There is a drama for each song, and there is affection.

What makes me most happy is that people who listen to the performance say “I’m glad to come.”

Some cry and listen, others say that the bad stuff is gone.

For those people, I will continue to play the guitar.

And one day, he will become the best guitarist in the world.

Currently working as an acoustic guitar teacher at the Music School Music School in Bremen.

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